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Have you ever wished you could symbolically let go of past grievances in a way that’s both impactful and contributes to the circle of life? Ex-Bites offers you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to name a feeder insect after your ex (or anyone who's bugged you in the past) and watch as it becomes part of the food chain in the most satisfying way. 


How It Works:
1. Name Your Nemesis: Choose a name for your feeder insect. Whether it's an ex-partner, a former boss, or that one friend who never returned your favorite book, the choice is yours.

2. Select the Predator: Pick from our array of hungry inhabitants, from the majestic bearded dragons to the stealthy tarantulas, and let nature take its course.

3. Witness the Transformation: Receive a personalized video of your named feeder meeting its fate, symbolizing the ultimate act of moving on and feeding the future.


Why Ex-Bites?
Unique Closure: It’s a therapeutic way to close a chapter on someone who's been bugging you, transforming negative energy into nourishment for our beloved zoo residents.

Support Conservation: Your purchase not only provides you with a moment of cathartic satisfaction but also supports the care and conservation of the animals in our facility.

Eco-Friendly: Participate in a natural cycle that highlights the importance of every creature, big or small, in maintaining the balance of ecosystems.


Ready to Turn Your Pest into Progress?
Purchase an Ex-Bites for a moment of light-hearted revenge that contributes to a greater cause. It’s time to feed the past to the future and watch as new life flourishes from old grievances. 


Disclaimer: Ex-Bites is designed as a humorous and therapeutic way to deal with feelings of annoyance or frustration. All names are processed in a confidential manner, and videos are created with respect and care for both the animals involved and the names given to the feeder insects.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please note, we will endeavor to email a video of the Ex-Bites feeding to the email address you provide at checkout. Zoology LLC is not responsible for undeliverable videos due to incorrect email addresses provided by the user or limitations set by email providers, including restrictions on video file sizes or types. It's the user's responsibility to ensure the provided email can receive such files. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to providing you with a unique and memorable experience.

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