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About Us


447 Standale Plaza NW Walker, MI 49534


Open Hours

Thursday & Friday: 11 AM - 7 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Welcome to Zoology!

Nestled in the Walker/Standale area just outside Grand Rapids, in the vibrant heart of West Michigan; Zoology was established in 2023. Our focus is on the captivating and often overlooked realms of reptiles, amphibians, and insects. These creatures are crucial to their native ecosystems, serving as indicators of environmental health and playing key roles in maintaining ecological balance. By exploring their intricate lives and behaviors, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of their importance to our world's biodiversity.

Our Philosophy

Education is a powerful tool for conservation, and at Zoology, we harness it to foster a deeper connection between people and the often misunderstood realms of reptiles, amphibians, and insects. By educating our guests, we aim to inspire a new generation of conservationists who are passionate about preserving the natural world. Understanding the ecological roles of these creatures is crucial, as it empowers individuals to advocate for conservation initiatives that support biodiversity and ecological health.

Furthermore, by dispelling myths and fears about these animals, we help people appreciate the importance of every species in their natural habitats. This awareness is critical when individuals encounter wildlife, encouraging coexistence rather than conflict. Our approach ensures that our visitors leave not only with knowledge but also with respect for these creatures, which can lead to more humane decisions when dealing with wildlife encounters. Through education, we not only save animals but also enrich human lives by nurturing an appreciation for the natural world's complexity and beauty.

Our Animals

Discover our beloved animal ambassadors at Zoology! Some of our more popular ambassadors is Max, our charismatic Argentine Black and White Tegu, delights visitors with his curious and friendly nature. Grimace, a special Caiman with some unique birth defects, is eagerly awaiting his new home in a specially designed enclosure that's currently under construction. Sydney, a stunning albino Burmese Python, captivates audiences with her striking appearance and gentle demeanor; she's a beautiful example of a creature that would not survive in the wild but thrives under our care. Gonzo, our Water Monitor, ventures out for guest interactions, but his shy demeanor leads him back to the safety of his enclosure more often than not.

Community and Conservation

Zoology is more than just a zoo. As a licensed reptile rehabilitation facility, we are committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native reptiles. Our commitment extends to actively participating in community, school, and city events to spark interest in wildlife conservation among younger generations. By bringing our animal ambassadors to these events, we aim to inspire and educate, fostering a culture of respect and proactive care for our local ecosystems.

Visit Us

Explore, learn, and connect at Zoology. Join us for an educational adventure, support our mission by visiting the zoo, and share your experiences to help spread awareness. Follow us on social media for updates and more.

We look forward to welcoming you to Zoology – where curiosity meets nature!

Bearded Dragon


Interactive Experience

Your adventure begins the moment you step into our gift shop. Here, you can purchase tickets either online in advance or at the door. Remember, your ticket provides access for the whole day - just be careful not to remove the stamp that we'll provide at the counter. We do require each guest to sign a waiver, which will allow you to interact with certain animals during your visit.

Your journey through the zoo could take many forms, depending on various factors. You might explore the zoo on your own, or you might have one of our knowledgeable zookeepers as your guide. Our guided tours offer unique opportunities to learn about the various species in our care as keepers introduce select animals, share fascinating details about each one, and allow for special interactions.

Some of these interactions could include handling a scorpion or tarantula at one of our special animal interaction stations. If you time your visit just right, you might even see our handlers feeding the animals or maintaining their enclosures.

Even after a guided tour, we encourage you to continue exploring at your own pace. We want you to fully experience all the wonders our zoo has to offer.

We welcome and encourage photography during your visit. Feel free to capture as many memories as you want and share your adventure with friends and family!

Ready to visit? Book your tickets now.

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