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Zoology's Grand Opening - June 13th!!!

We at Zoology are thrilled to announce our GRAND OPENING! Festivities will begin with a ribbon cutting at 11 am by the City of Walker. We will have local food trucks, including Ohana Hawaiian Ice and Tacos y Antojitos El Norteñito.

Following the ribbon cutting, we invite you to a day full of unique experiences. Explore our exhibits through guided tours, get up close and personal with our animals in a variety of encounters, photo opportunities, and a chance to win exciting prizes and giveaways.

🌿 Diverse Habitats: Explore meticulously crafted habitats that replicate the natural environments of our reptilian residents. From lush rainforests to arid deserts, each habitat offers a glimpse into the unique ecosystems that these remarkable creatures call home.

🔍 Educational Insights: Delve into the fascinating world of reptiles through interactive exhibits and informative displays. Learn about their biology, behavior, and conservation status, and gain a deeper appreciation for these often misunderstood creatures.

🐢 Meet & Greets: Don't miss the chance to meet some of our most charismatic reptile ambassadors up close! Join us for live animal encounters and learn from our expert caretakers as they share insights into the lives of these incredible creatures.

🎈 Family-Friendly Fun: Bring the whole family for a day of excitement and adventure, guaranteed to entertain reptile enthusiasts of any age!

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