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Spidey Times in Norton Shores!

This week, Zoology had the opportunity to bring out some of our arachnids to a local school. We quickly became (in)famously known as "The Spider Room" at this school festival. Sometimes, exclaimed in delight, other times whispered with hushed suspicion from the hallway outside. Children of all ages were welcome to come and meet several of our arachnids as spider expert Alyssa shed some light on these fascinating yet often poorly understood animals. Several students and their families even faced their fears by bravely touching or holding some of our visiting tarantulas.

We at Zoology live to connect our local communities with nature, and we love seeing people fall in love with our ambassador animals. It is especially meaningful when we see understanding replace fear, especially when it comes to invertebrates like arachnids, who might come face to face with a rolled-up newspaper should they venture into the wrong house.

When we make room for tiny lives in the world, our world becomes a better place for all. Spiders play a crucial role in ecosystems around the world, often praying on insects that would overrun trees and plants should their populations not remain in check. Spiders have an important job, and it benefits everyone. After all, they're more scared of you than you are of them.

Zoology's Ambassador Animal team is comprised of several species, several of which are not considered conventionally cute and others that might be thought of as scary. Our hope at Zoology is that by creating a bridge of connection and understanding, we can foster a better world for everyone.

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