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Slithering Sunday at Downtown Market!

Zoology had the opportunity to share some of our amazing animals with the Grand Rapids community at Downtown Market's Slithering Sunday. Visitors to the Zoology table were able to see our Burmese python, Texas rat snake, uromastyx, African pixie frog, and curly-hair tarantula.

We had a blast introducing members of our animal ambassador team to the curious minds attending the event. People of all ages approached us with a keen interest in learning more about these often misunderstood and underrepresented animals.

Slithering Sunday also gave us the opportunity to meet other reptile enthusiasts in the area. Though we didn't get the opportunity to speak with all of the other guest tables, we did find time to talk to our neighbors at the Pangea and Alligator Sanctuary tables.

Pangea is a well-known name nationwide among gecko keepers. Based in Zeeland, Michigan, Pangea is one of the leading providers of gecko diets for New Caledonian species, including the crested gecko. Pangea is also known for its gecko breeding program, and we were able to sneak a little peek at their table as the event was wrapping up.

Just a day trip out of Grand Rapids is the Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary in Athens, MI. This sanctuary houses a variety of abandoned reptiles, but their focus lies on alligators and crocodilians. We were thrilled to talk to the owners of this incredible organization, who offered a plethora of information on what it takes to care for these massive reptiles. They also enlightened us further regarding alligators and crocodilians found in the pet trade and how their organization became a necessity, even here in Michigan.

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