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Meet Our New Water Monitor!

Here at Zoology, we're excited to announce the arrival of our newest ambassador animal, our yet-to-be-named yellow-headed water monitor, also known as the Philippine water monitor.

If you haven't already, we are inviting the public to assist us in the naming process over on our Facebook page, where we will be taking name suggestions for this six-year-old male.

Monitor lizards are among the most intelligent reptiles. We at Zoology are taking this time to allow our monitor to acclimate to his new home and get acquainted with us as his caregivers.

He arrived at the Zoology facility after hours on Sunday, December 3rd. He spent the following days making himself at home in his enclosure and taking a well-deserved rest after his long drive from Florida. This last Thursday, December 7th, he got his first glimpse of the public. We don't think he's seen many children. He appeared to be puzzled when he saw the first miniature humans admiring him through the glass, but he quickly grew accustomed to the sights and sounds of the zoo.

Looking for something to do this winter? Come and visit our animal ambassadors here at Zoology!

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