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Happy Birthday, Hermes!

This week, Zoology is celebrating a very special birthday. Hermes, our Russian Tortoise, is turning 14! That might seem like a ripe age for most animals, but when it comes to tortoises, Hermes is still metaphorically a spring chicken. Russian Tortoises can easily live to be up to 75 or even over 100 years old.

To mark this special occasion, we made Hermes a special tortoise birthday cake consisting of watermelon and pumpkin and garnished with rose petals.

Hermes is a bit shy when it comes to eating, so he waited to indulge in his birthday treat until after the cameras were off.

However, Hermes' Red Foot Tortoise roommates were very eager to join in on the birthday festivities. They thoroughly enjoyed the watermelon and plucking off the rose petal garnishes.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Come on by to wish Hermes a happy belated birthday!

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