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The Team

Welcome to our Team page, where we celebrate the dedicated professionals who make Zoology a remarkable place. Each member of our team plays a vital role in our mission, bringing unique skills and passion to our daily operations. From caring for our diverse animal ambassadors to engaging with the community, their hard work and commitment are the backbone of our zoo. Get to know the people behind the scenes, whose efforts help inspire and educate visitors about the wonders of the natural world.

Joel Scoby


From a young age, Joel Scoby harbored a deep passion for reptiles, which blossomed into a lifelong vocation. As the founder and CEO of Zoology, Joel's vision was to create a sanctuary where others could share in his admiration and respect for these fascinating creatures. His commitment to Zoology is not just about caring for animals but also about educating the public, with the hope of expanding the facility's reach to inspire as many people as possible. Joel's leadership and dedication continue to propel Zoology's mission of education and conservation forward.

Stephanie Schebil

Director of Administration

Stephanie Schebil has been an integral part of Zoology since its inception, serving as the Director of Administration. Working mostly behind the scenes, Stephanie is a cornerstone of our zoo, ensuring everything operates smoothly and efficiently. Her tireless efforts and dedication are vital to maintaining the seamless operation of Zoology, enabling the rest of the team to focus on our mission of education and conservation. Her role, though often not in the spotlight, is crucial to our success and daily functionality.

Marie Hoekman

Zoo Supervisor

Marie Hoekman joined Zoology at its inception, initially starting as an Animal Handler before advancing to the role of Zoo Supervisor. Today, she orchestrates the daily operations and leads our off-site presentations. A passionate writer and avid social media enthusiast, Marie actively contributes to the Zoology blog and manages our Instagram page. She also designs the zoo's marketing materials and is developing our merchandise line. Marie's dedication is evident as she often interacts with visitors alongside Akatosh, our beloved bearded dragon.

Alyssa Broach

Animal Handler

Alyssa Broach brings her extensive background in zoology and child education to her role as an Animal Handler at Zoology. With a particular passion for spiders and frogs, Alyssa is not only furthering her educational studies but also frequently leads our off-site presentations and tours. Known for her infectious smile and engaging demeanor, Alyssa played a pivotal role in Zoology winning the city's first annual window painting contest, showcasing her creativity and commitment to our community outreach efforts.

Shelby Cain

Animal Handler

Shelby Cain, our newest addition to the team, brings a bright and bubbly personality that truly stands out at Zoology. Shelby guides tours and assists guests with her cheerful nature and constant smile, ensuring they have a memorable, informative, and engaging experience. In her free time, she enjoys painting with her beautiful artwork displayed for sale in our shop. Shelby's artistic talents have contributed to the interior of some of our animal enclosures. Her vibrant spirit and artistic flair enrich the atmosphere at Zoology.

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